Change Management

Change Management

As products, services, and priorities change, the culture of the organization, division or group needs to adapt. We enable teams to understand the future landscape, changes that must occur, and how they can transform themselves to successfully be ahead of the change.

Our Change Management Process:
  • Define future state of change for team, department, division or organization
  • Assess current state and gaps to get to future state
  • Identify barriers and obstacles to change and action to address them
  • Incorporate stakeholder expectations and ideas
  • Identify people changes and organizational design that will be needed
  • Create Roadmap of actions that need to be taken to build new effective organization or change
  • Facilitate Alignment workshop with all critical stakeholders
  • Build a communications plan
  • Implement change
  • Develop critical success factors
  • Follow-up with critical stakeholders to ensure success

Success Leaders Case Study:

A very large corporate IT department (1000+ employees globally) needed to change the way it did business globally. It was perceived by internal business customers to lack accountability, responsiveness, and ability to partner and engage. They also did not operate as a global team. The executive team needed to drive change while also driving strong leadership and vision throughout the department. After obtaining critical stakeholder feedback, we enabled the department to identify the changes they needed to make, create a roadmap of change management and action the steps needed to get to future state, identified and developed the talent to lead the new organization, obtained buy-in with key stakeholders, and successfully implemented a global-minded, virtual department that is seen as effective and credible by their key customers. The result was a transformed department with changed attitudes, commitments and responsiveness, as seen by their customers.

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