Key Customer Impact Assessment

Key Customer Impact Assessment

Your success is only as good as the satisfaction of your key customers or stakeholders. With our customer impact assessment, we help you evaluate their expectations, perceptions, and satisfaction. We then review the feedback with you and create a roadmap for success to exceed customer expectations

Our Key Customer Impact Assessment Process:
  • Determine key customers (internal and external) to include in assessment
  • Conduct key customer assessment interviews
  • Summarize feedback into high-impact assessment report
  • Review findings with senior leadership
  • Create tangible action plan to address and meet customer needs, which can include strategy development, organizational change, process improvement, improved engagement.

Success Leaders Case Study:

A consumer good organization brought us in to help them decide the best way to organize their Sales force to meet the needs of their exponential growth in the next 2 years. In order to determine the best Sales organization design, we turned to the internal and external customers to assess what they see as current and future needs and performance. We presented our findings to executive leadership and demonstrated that customers were not concerned about the organization design of the sales force, but rather the partnership of Sales and internal support functions. Their teams were not operating in partnership. Success Leaders assisted them in understanding the findings of the Key Customer Impact Assessment and building a cohesive internal team that services the customer proactively, to meet their high expectations. The result was redesigning and building a high performing sales and support function team that “wows” the customer. Follow-up with customers highlighted their greatly improved satisfaction.

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