High Potential Coaching

High Potential Coaching: Building Leadership Strength for the Next Level

Questions to Ask:

  • What will it take to get you to the next level?
  • What skills do you need to build for the next level?
  • Who do you need to influence to get to the next level?
Our high potential coaching develops the influence and skills needed to get to the next level or position through:
  • Assessment of key strengths to build upon and areas to develop
  • Interviews with key influencers to determine expectations, key success measures, experiences and skills needed for next level
  • Creation of key influencer scorecard highlighting your strengths, perceptions of your style, and their expectations for your success
  • Development of a high-impact Senior Leader Action plan to build up your capability and experience
  • Building a unique stakeholder plan
  • High potential coaching to develop your needed skills
  • Meetings with senior leaders to ensure you are on track
Success Leaders Case Study:

Global Executive of a Technology company was named as succession candidate to Senior Executive. In order to develop skills to be “ready” for Senior role, executive learned to utilize strategic thinking, vision creation, more effective presentation and communication skills as well as navigation in leading a matrixed organization. Leader became “ready” and was put in role within 6 months.

Inspire, Influence, Impact, Innovate, Strategize, Lead 


“Rochelle is a superb coach who is patient and insightful. Using various assessment tools, she helped me create an achievable development plan within a relatively short time period. Thanks to her coaching and feedback, I was able to optimize my personal performance and improve business results by more successfully networking with key stakeholders. With Rochelle’s support and guidance I refined my personal style to become a stronger and more effective leader.”

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