Onboarding New Leaders

Onboarding New Leaders

Questions to Ask:

  • Who are your key Stakeholders?
  • What do they expect of you?
  • How are they measuring your success?
  • What do you need to learn to get up to speed quickly?
  • How do you build your team and develop a high Performing Culture?
  • High Potential Coaching

When it comes to coaching and onboarding new leaders, we focus on getting them up to speed. Onboarding new leaders means understanding the key drivers and culture, as well as any changes that need to be made, to rapidly earn credibility among their team and the organization.

This process includes:

  • Outlining Key Stakeholder expectations and how they define success
  • Building team alignment through an onboarding team session to obtain their thoughts and recommendations
  • Creating a 90 day plan for success
  • Ensuring Senior leadership is bought in to your 90 day plan and thoughts for success
  • Determining long-term Impact goals to create deeper value
  • Developing a Stakeholder Plan
  • Identifying critical learning areas for success and action plan to address opportunities for learning
Success Leaders Case Studies:

Regional President of APAC was put in role to create transformative organization and lead to future business state with incredible growth. President learned to understand the multitude of expectations from critical stakeholders, the obstacles the organization has been facing, gaps that existed, areas for success and opportunities to create change, while building out his team for success. Following our onboarding process, the President was seen as wildly successful and has built strong credibility and effective change in the last year.

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