Strengthening Executive Leadership Capability

Strengthening Executive Leadership Capability

Executive Coaching to broaden a specific skill or capability.
Success Leaders has often been called to assist senior leaders develop key strengths to enable them to flex their style and be even more effective in executive leadership. Areas of opportunity have included:

  • Strategic influence
  • Executive Leadership Presence
  • Executive Communication Skills
  • Organizational and Time Management Techniques
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Collaboration
Success Leaders Case Studies:

Financial Service Organization Executive with Law Firm Background grew leadership skills in environment of underlining mistakes, billing for each moment and no time for social interaction. To build understanding of Financial Service corporate culture, leader learned to make time for team members, utilize informal communication and discussions, obtain executive leadership buy-in of key constituents for influence and was promoted to Senior Vice President within one year.

Pharmaceutical Industry executive was seen as very smart and effective as an individual contributor, but not seen as an effective leader and motivator. With Success Leaders coaching, executive learned to communicate with presence and passion, took the time to motivate others through vision, rather than expertise and to be seen as a key contributor to strategic Senior Leadership discussions.

Consumer Goods Executive Leadership was perceived to have an overly aggressive style that was not viewed as collaborative and was considered a potential derailer for a highly talented leader. With coaching, 360 feedback from key team members and discussion of “successful and effective” behaviors, executive learned to modify behaviors to be seen as collaborative team-player who adds tremendous value to senior leadership team and has been promoted three times in the last two years.

Inspire, Influence, Impact, Innovate, Strategize, Lead 


“Rochelle Cooper has a very tactful and efficient way to make yourself diagnose your specific behavior improvement opportunities. Rochelle is very committed to prevent you from letting the ball fall by offering constant suggestions, reminders and feedback from others. Everything is made in an evolutionary way and not a revolutionary one, so that you can see the new better yourself taking shape as an impressionist painting”

Finance Director, Pfizer

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