Leadership 360 Interview

Hallmark Leadership 360 Interview Process

Our #1 requested product with 100% satisfaction from Leader and Senior Management provides you with the feedback you need to move forward successfully. You will reach your potential with our Roadmap to Success. Following the leadership 360 interview process, you will know what stakeholders are expecting, the strengths they see in you and opportunities for even greater synergy. You will also know areas of skill enhancement to increase your effectiveness, making the road to achieve success clear. All you have to do is act upon it!

  • Stakeholder Selection
    Selection of Critical Stakeholders involves recognizing input from various important perspectives (Internal and External customers, senior management, peers, direct reports etc.)
  • Interview Process & Creation of Hi-Impact 360 Feedback Report
    Our thorough 360 interview process gleans the most important expectations, success factors, and areas for growth that stakeholders have in mind for the leader to achieve success
  • All-Inclusive Feedback & Tactical Action Plan Sessions
    Discussion of all feedback, understanding of underlying themes and brainstorming to assess career goals and actions needed to obtain growth potential
  • Action Plan Review
    Meeting with Senior leader to review key highlights of Talent areas, growth opportunities and best actions to consider to achieve goals

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