Client Testimonials

Our clients are senior leaders in a range of industries. We have worked extensively in the following industries: Financial services, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Entertainment, Communications, Consumer Products, and Healthcare. Here are just a few of our client testimonials:
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Pfizer“Rochelle has provided coaching for several colleagues on my team. She tailors her approach to the unique needs of the individual based on interaction with that person, and feedback from management and peers. Rochelle’s easygoing approach and ability to connect well with many different personality types allows her to quickly establish a trusting and open relationship with her clients.

She helps colleagues focus on the few key areas that will really facilitate their career development. She has been able to provide direct, non-threatening and meaningful coaching to assist individuals in addressing derailers. She also monitors progress and follows-up to ensure action plans are implemented.” – Michelle Haven, VP Business Development and Global Alliances 




“…was a great experience! Rochelle is a wonderful coach full of great suggestions, feedback and a desire to see me win. What could be better?” – Sheree Stomberg, Managing Director 





“Rochelle is a superb coach who is patient and insightful. Using various assessment tools, she helped me create an achievable development plan within a relatively short time period. Thanks to her coaching and feedback, I was able to optimize my personal performance and improve business results by more successfully networking with key stakeholders. With Rochelle’s support and guidance I refined my personal style to become a stronger and more effective leader.” – Lynn Keller



“Rochelle has consistently provided great results in helping us to develop our key people. She works well with a broad range of stakeholders and provides practical, actionable plans.” – Jonathan Manley, CIO 




“Rochelle Cooper has a very tactful and efficient way to make yourself diagnose your specific behavior improvement opportunities. Rochelle is very committed to prevent you from letting the ball fall by offering constant suggestions, reminders and feedback from others. Everything is made in an evolutionary way and not a revolutionary one, so that you can see the new better yourself taking shape as an impressionist painting” – Eric Ducher, Finance Director 

Citi_blue_wave_400x400 “Rochelle headed a Women’s Leadership Executive Coaching program to provide executive development opportunities and growth to our senior women leaders. In two years since the program began, 90% of the participants have taken on a greater role or additional strategic responsibility. Her professionalism, ability to identify development opportunities, build strategic plans and a follow-through make her program very effective and powerful. The participants developed an insight into their career goals and how to achieve them. Rochelle has a deep understanding of the corporate environment and provides guidance and support to the participants even after the official program completes, showing great interest in her people. The efficacy survey upon completion of the program had confirmed value and success of the coaching provided by Rochelle. I highly recommend Rochelle.” – Alla Piltser, Director of High Potential Women’s Group       Executive Coaching Program at Citi


“I worked several times with Rochelle on a number of coaching initiatives and it was always a pleasure to experience the positive results as a result of her work. She is a very personable individual who takes sufficient time to understand the assignment and she regularly reaches out to provide an update and solicit input. Her expert knowledge is very deep and her approach is very results driven with a lot of respect for the integrity of the individuals she works with.” – Geert Verrycken, VP Global Customer Solutions 

“Rochelle is not only an amazing executive coach but also an amazing individual as well. Her ability to connect with, understand and nurture her clients is second to none. I’ve used her not only for myself but everyone on my leadership teams. She has helped to create higher levels of employee engagement and performance than was originally planned for. Through her efforts, not only has the team succeeded, but also individual growth was obtained. She is very capable of helping any organization build a high performing team, I would hire her at any point in an organizations development curve. Simply put, any organization is better with her, than without.” – Earl Newsome, Corporate CIO & VP Digital 


“We realized that we had lost sight of what our company stood for and what it was all about. Dr. Cooper led us through the process of rediscovering the core value of our company. She gave us the tools we needed to put what we were all thinking into words, and from there into action. Today we have a new Corporate Philosophy that fits the culture of our company and gives our colleagues a concept to rally around. It’s been great!” – Jason Lavitt, President

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