Being Seen as a Strategic Leader

Being Seen as a Strategic Leader

In our work with high potential women, they often excel because of their strengths in execution, organization, & getting results.  In order to be considered for the next level, they need to demonstrate more tactical thinking to be seen as a strategic leader.

“What got them here, won’t get them there”

This workshop explores ways that participants can share their thoughts on multiple topics, ask strategic questions, thinker longer term and be seen as  proactive leaders.  Thoughts they will consider are:

  • How do others see you? Are you seen as a terrific executor? Reliable, consistent, perfectionist, always getting it done? Are you a facilitator or coordinator?
  • To raise yourself to the next level, how will you incorporate your strategic leadership & be seen as a leader driving and creating change?
  • How and where will you share your valuable thoughts?
  • What does being “strategic” look like?
  • Do you stretch outside your main responsibilities or your management line?
  • Do you lead any strategic initiatives? What would interest you?

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