Peer and Individual Coaching Programs

Peer and Individual Coaching Programs

We provide executive development opportunities and incremental growth to groups of Senior Women Leaders. Our six month peer coaching program involves a combination of the following:

  • We provide a forum and network for women to work together. Our forum offers support and guidance to attain your next steps through coaching sessions with workshop topics (4)
  • We provide a variety of One-on-One Coaching sessions (5), including:
    • An assessment of the strengths and opportunities for growth to take you to the next level, based upon critical stakeholder feedback
    • A style assessment that examines your style of Communication and develops your Executive Presence
    • Creation of Individual Development Action Plan focused on next steps
    • Discussion with Senior Management regarding your Development and Individual Plan to obtain their buy-in and sponsorship

Our peer coaching program results in building confidence, enabling opportunity to take risk, and supporting proactive leadership at the next level. Our program also includes recommendations on further development to provoke a thought process for the next assignment (6-12 months).

Peer Coaching Program Impact

Graduates of our Women’s Leadership programs have been promoted to the next level and have taken on increased responsibility. Success Leaders also continues to help women step out of their current roles and reimagine themselves and their impact, enabling them to move to a new or different line of responsibility.

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